Sunday, June 3, 2012

NECA - Friday The 13th - 18" Jason Voorhees (Repaint)

Since we were on hiatus around the time I purchased this figure back in January, I hadn't had the chance to post about it. Well the title pretty much says it all. I bought the 18" Jason Voorhees from 2009's Friday The 13th by NECA. The figure is massive at approximately 1/4th scale and doesn't even come close to fitting in my detolf glass cabinets. I knew before purchasing that I wouldn't be happy with NECA's factory paint apps before I actually got it. So I was prepared for the repaint job. So here it is, completely repainted from head to toe. Another modification I did was I cut off the plastic hair that came attached the mask and glued some synthetic hair in its place. Im happy with the outcome. =]

Check out the last repaint job I did. NECA - Jason Voorhees Mask Prop Replica (Repaint)

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