Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mattel - Movie Masters - TDKR Bane

Just as Mattel produced figures for the The Dark Knight, they are once again giving fans an array of different toys for The Dark Knight Rises. The Movie Masters line is targeted for the "adult collector" market, featuring 6" figures with detailed likeness of characters from The Dark Knight Rises. So far Series 1 is available on store shelves now, which consists of Batman, Bane, and Alfred. The other day I purchased Bane, which was actually the only one left in the entire store.

The boxes of these figures are pretty interesting. Im actually a graphic design artist by profession, so I think that I'm a bit more judgemental. My honest opinion is that there's way too much going on so the overall presentation feels a little cluttered. If you're a collector who prefers to display their figures in the box, I don't believe these really stand up to that. I dont personally, so it doesn't hurt the figures reputation for me.

After removing Bane from his box, I have to say I was pretty impressed. These figures are said to be for the "adult collector" (it even states that on the card), but their detail doesnt really even compare to products from companies like NECA, McFarlane, or Mezco. But they do pretty fine on their own and Bane actually has a pretty good amount of accuracy and detail. The mask is finely sculpted and the rubber coat has a very nice painting to it. Just like the other MM figures, he offers a lot of articulation such as elbows, wrists, feet, legs, hips, and several points in his torso alone.

Something that Mattel is offering this time around with their Movie Masters line is "Build A Projecting Bat-Signal". Each figure of the line includes a single piece of a TDK style Bat-Signal that's in scale with the MM figures. Its a cool idea, but in my opinion I think it would be nicer if they actually sold it complete by itself. Especially because not everyone is going to want to buy all the figures from the line.

Overall, the figure along with the rest of the Movie Masters series are pretty solid toys. They offer a lot articulation, can stand firmly, and have moderatly good detail. I believe the only con is the price. At US$16, around the same price as a NECA figure, you'd expect a little more detail. But other than that, it's an overall good buy. They're good enough stand in an adult's collection, and safe enough for children. Celebrate The Dark Knight Rises and go get yourself some, before they fly off the shelves.

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