Tuesday, June 5, 2012

FUNKO - Pop! Heroes The Dark Knight Rises - Batman & Bane

About a week ago, Jon bought me two of the new FUNKO Pop! Heroes - The Dark Knight Rises vinyl figures, Batman (19) and Bane (20). I was pretty excited to get these due to the fact that I've been a fan of FUNKO Pop! figurines for awhile and when these arrived in the mail, I was not disappointed.

Batman comes in the Nolan TDK styled suit and bright white eyes and gold utility belt. As opposed to the Series 01 classic Batman Pop! Hero, they decided to actually give him definition and detail on the mask. They carved a lot of detail into the actual suit as well and even included the cape. I'm very happy to have this in my collection and absolutely adore the figure, though I did find a few cons on my specific figure. There's what looks like to be a dent on the back of his head. It's very small and barely noticeable, but I feel like FUNKO should take better care in quality control because these are things collectors notice. Also, the black paint on the torso is a little bit more of a matte paint finish than the mask, legs and arms. I haven't seen others in person, so I'm not sure if others have this similar problem. It's not a huge deal, but again, it's something that might turn off collectors into purchasing more of FUNKO's products. If they'd work on some consistency, these would be flawless simplistic figurines. While there are a few cons, I still absolutely love this Batman and I'm very happy.

Bane on the other hand, came with absolutley no cons. He comes in his mask, black eyes with rather expressive eyebrows, a trench coat and even the harness he wears under the coat. What I'm most impressed about is the actual detail FUNKO put into the mask - They did a great job adding as much detail as they could around the entire sculpt. As a collector, I can already say that this is one of my favorite peices and would reccomend all Pop! Hero/Batman collectors to grab one of these as I can tell these will sell out quick!

Articulation on both is very limited and only allows you to move the head side to side. It's not anything I typically would mind since I adore the classic Pop! Heroes pose FUNKO sculpts them in anyway. I would definitely recommend people to purchase these figures if you're a Batman fan. These are timeless pieces and will look great in anybody's collection.

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