Friday, February 18, 2011

NECA - Jason Voorhees Mask Prop Replica (Repaint)

Recently Ive been really getting into the whole Friday The 13th franchise. Theres only a couple collectibles Ive managed to get in the short time that Ive become a fan. One of the pieces that I was more than excited to get my hands on was the NECA Jason Voorhees Mask prop replica from the movie "Freddy Vs. Jason". The mask is directly casted from the mask the actor playing Jason Voorhees wore in the movie. I was really happy with the overall shape and design, but I had a really big problem with the painting of the mask. Now, Im not really picky about it being movie-accurate, but the painting on this mask was total crap. First of all it was way too dark. The color was a greenish/yellowish and it was just ugly. On top of that the paint they used was so cheap it just chipped off with my fingernail. That just wouldnt do, so I decided to repaint it.

Here's a look at the mask straight out of the package.

My materials were spraypaint (tans/grey/black/red/matte clear coat), steel wool, and a sanding pad. Not pictured is a wire brush and masking tape.

First step that I had to take was to sand all of the original paint off of the mask.

Next, I used brown/rust and black spraypaint to paint the detail, and give it an old grungy look.

I then painted a tan color, over the brown/rust and black detail. I did these steps in this order so I could later sand the tan color off to bring through the detail underneath.

Next I sanded the gloss coat off of the mask to make it have a matte finish. I then used masking tape to mark off the chevrons and then used red spraypaint to paint them on.

After the red paint dried, I removed all of the masking tape. I then used a wire brush and steel wool to to add the grungy/worn effect into the mask. After I sanded the detail, I used black spraypaint and mixed it with water and used a sponge brush to add a greasy/dirty look to it. I then used the same brush and whipped it towards the mask with red paint. This gave the effect of blood splatter. I then sealed the mask with a clear matte finish.

Overall, Im very proud of my work. It may not be movie accurate, but its my own take on the classic slasher's mask of choice.

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