Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hasbro's Mighty Muggs vs. Funko's Pop! Heroes.

It no secret I've always been a fan of vinyl figurines. As soon as I saw Hasbro's Nighty Muggs and Funko's Pop! Heroes, I instantly fell in love. After collecting a good few from both companies, I started to wonder which are worth my money, since they're quite a similar concept. I compared both, their pros and cons, which I ultimately think would look best in a collection.

The most obvious difference between the two is the size. Mighty Muggs are quite taller than Pop! figurines. While I do think Pop! Heroes size is quite adorable, I'm sure most collectors aren't going for 'adorable' - which would be my main con. If you're going to be spending $10-15 on a vinyl figure, you'd prefer the 6 inch figurines Hasbro offers rather than the 4 inches Funko has.

But on the other hand, as a collector I'm sure you'll know that detail is also a huge factor when it comes to deciding what you purchase. And in this case, Funko blows Hasbro out of the water. What I love about Pop! Heroes is while they're about 2 inches smaller, they actually add detail into their figures. Every base of a figure is made with unique details to resemble each character. The Dark Knight Rises Bane is quite the perfect example for this. You'll see that his mask is actually sculpted onto the figure rather than just painted on like Hasbro would have done. A huge con I have with Mighty Muggs is if you were to paint EVERY Mighty Mugg white, the base of every figure will look exactly the same. There is barely any unique detail to them. Every Pop! Hero is different and that's something I really love and greatly effects which I would prefer out of the two.

In the end, I feel like Funko's Pop Heroes are much more worth your money solely for the fact that you're getting more than just a stock figure with different paint slapped on it. While they are 2 inches smaller, I feel like they look much better in collections. Plus, who can say "No" to those cute little flat heads?!

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