Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hot Toys Batman Returns License

Since we were on hiatus, we never got the chance to say how happy we are for this upcoming license.
Batman Returns is one of my favorite Batman films and I've noticed that there's been a lack of toys/figures for this movie. It was almost impossible to find any collectible figures for this film. After Hot Toys' release of the Batman '89 figures, I decided to be patient because I had a thought, "If they release figures for '89 Batman, they HAVE to do '92 Batman Returns as well!" Luckily, I was right. I am extremely excited to see what they're going to do with Penguin, and I have no doubt that they're going to do a fantastic job with the very uniquely shaped character. While I've seen a couple custom 1/6th scaled versions of '92 Catwoman, I'm excited to see Hot Toy's version of her and her suit. And since we've already seen how great of a job Hot Toys does with Micheal Keaton, I have absolutely no doubt that this will be an incredible set that every hardcore Batman fan will want in their collection.

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