Sunday, February 28, 2010

Custom Display Case

Ive been collecting since I was 9 years old, starting with Star Wars collectibles and moving on to Batman and Terminator. I took a break for most of my teen years, sadly to say because I was embaressed because "it wasnt cool." Most of my Star Wars toys were hidden away never to see the light of day. Well about 2 years ago, I finally stopped caring what others think and started displaying all my collectibles again. Now my collection has almost tripled in size, and Im starting to run out of room to display it all. So I figured its about time to get a case to fit 10 years of collecting into.
Im not a millionaire, so I couldnt just go out and buy a $1000 curio cabinet, and I couldnt spend the bucks to have one professionally made. So I had to think of a way. Well theres been a 6 foot tall oak entertainment center that has been housing my television for the last 5 years. After some measurements and blueprinting I realized I could use it for the case. For the past couple days Ive been fabricating pieces for the case and painting it with help from Drea and a friend named Sean. I turned the case on its side for more room, and added a couple of new shelves. I also fabricated some light fictures to illuminate to compartments of the cabinet. I should be done with it in the next couple days, and Ill definitely share some pictures with everyone of the finished case. Here are some pictures of the fabrication process. Click on the picture to see it in full view.

This is the entertainment center on its side, before anything was done.

A model car collector friend of mine, Sean, helping me screw in the shelves. It was tough, because we had to make sure every shelf was level so nothing would roll or fall off.

Back views of the cabinet, and my custom fabricated light fixture.

Display cabinet with fabrication completed, and on to painting.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sideshow Collectibles 1:1 Boba Fett Bust

A wise man once said, "Everyone needs a little Boba in their life."

Well I dont think that wise man expected a life-size bust. Sideshow Collectibles, in celebration of  the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, brings you their Boba Fett 1:1(life-size) bust. The bust is simply amazing, and doesnt miss any detail of this iconic Mandalorian bounty hunter. Each piece is individually hand-painted, and sculpted to perfection to replicate Boba Fett in movie realness. Complete with real fabric cape, and over 2 feet tall and 35 pounds, the Boba Fett life-size bust is a dream come true for any Fett-maniac and Star Wars fan.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Custom 1:6 Figure

For months Ive had spare head sculpts from my numerous Hot Toys 1:6 TDK figures and have been wondering what to do with them. Ive seen so many custom Bruce Wayne figures and Ive wanted to do it for so long. So right now, being in between purchases, I figured I'd spend a little spare money on a custom figure. Now its no secret that Im a Hot Toys collector. Most figures set me back around $150 with the exception of some deals here and there. The cool thing about custom figures is that as long as you have the head sculpt, a custom figure will usually only cost about half of that. The first thing that is needed is a truetype body, and second is an outfit of your choosing.
First I had to figure out what I wanted. I wondered around Ebay awhile till I found a Hot Toys Truetype figure for a reasonable price. I was unsure what to get because there are several different types availible. I thought I was sure what to get so I ordered a Slim version figure. The reasoning behind this was I had ordered a suit for the figure and wanted the narrow shoulders to make the suit look slimmer rather than being bulky. Upon arrival of the figure, I attempted to put the Bruce Wayne headsculpt and neck joint from the Hot Toys 1:6 Batman(TDK Version) onto the truetype figure. In doing so I realized that the neck joint was not going to fit because the Slim version truetype is too compact. So this poses a problem. What to do? Well I tried switching out the Bruce Wayne neck joint with the truetype but the skin tone did not match. My only solution, other than buying a completely new truetype or neck joint, is to just grind down the corners at the bottom of the neck joint to help it fit into the whole of the neck. Ill post pictures when I finish it. I guess the lesson to be learned here is to research what Im buying, and make sure I know what to use. Ill have pictures up of my new custom 1:6 Bruce Wayne as soon as I recieve the suit. My next custom might just have two faces. ;]

This is the opening and socket where the neck joint goes.

On the left is the neck joint for the Bruce Wayne headsulpt, and on the right is the neck joint that came with the Slim Version Truetype. As you can see the truetype neck joint has ground out edges to help fit the compact space in the truetype body. To help the Bruce Wayne headsculpt fit, Im going to have to do the same to its neck joint.

Friday, February 19, 2010

DX Not So Deluxe?

Well I think this post is long overdue. Ever since the announcement of Hot Toys 1:6 DX Batman, the toy community has been ecstatic. Its been widely accepted by critics world-wide, and has recieved many positive reviews. Well that all seemed to happen before the actual release of the figure. The DX released January 2010 worldwide and since has seemed to have nothing but problems. Reports of defective DX Batman's have surfaced all over the web and seem to keep coming. The problems that seem to be the most prominent are issues like warped or uneven cowl hornes, pealing or greasy-like rubber, and parts actually disassembling with ease.
I cant believe this is actually happening to figures done by such a great company like Hot Toys, but it's difficult to ignore all these problems. To be honest, I wish Hot Toys would have just gotten it right the first time instead of making us dip into our wallets for a second Batman of the same type. I actually liked the first MMS Batman. Other than a few imperfections, it wasnt a bad figure. With Hot Toys going back to the drawing board, it makes one think why they didnt pay more attention to the problems that were created with the DX. One can only hope that they're Hot Toys DX Batman will arrive problem free.

To take a closer look the Hot Toys 1:6 DX Batman defects, check out our friend Eddie's

NECA Terminator 2: Judgement Day 7" Figures

For almost a year now my main focus in collecting has been 1:6 Hot Toys figures. But recently there's been a pinch on my wallet. NECA to the rescue!
NECA has been around a long time, but I actually havent apprieciated they're fine attention to detail until recently. NECA is an amazing company and offers some of the best figures in America. They're licenced to produce figures for over 100 different movies, television, and pop culture. My favorite figures are from the Terminator 2: Judgement Day line. These things are amazing for their size. These figures are finely detailed at 7" in size, and feature plenty of accessories to replicate that movie goodness in all their glory. And the amazing thing is these things will only set you back about $16, and are availible many places including Toys R' Us. Everytime Drea and I make it out to CityWalk's Things From Another World I pick myself up one. Love them, but them.

Judgement Day Is Inevitable.

Come With Me If You Want To Live...

Medicom 1:6 C3PO & R2-D2

So the word is out now on 2 new additions to Medicom's Real Action Heroes collection. Distributed by Sideshow Collectibles comes Star Wars quirky pair, C3PO and R2-D2.
The figures are 1:6 scale and both feature full articulation and light up LED lights in both figures. Medicom isnt quite are top company of choice, but I have to admit that Im very impressed with these two. Their highly detailed and seem to be movie accurate. To my knowledge there isn't any other 1:6 C3PO and R2-D2 figures availible up to date so it would seem that these would be a great choice. One of the problems I have with these figures is the hefty pricetag that comes with them. I would say these are worth no more than $140 at the most, especially since R2 is below 6". Other than that, the figures are definitely long overdue in the Star Wars 1:6 collector's world. Check them out, they're availible for pre-order on Sideshow Collectibles website.

One of the reasons why Ive never really been impressed with Medicom's figures is they're not quite up to scale with other 1:6 scaled figures. Some are very drastic differences, and other's arent so bad. Its not a huge negative, but for most...our perfectionism will drive us crazy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hasbro 2010 AT-AT Walker

Last week we gave you a sneak peak of Hasbro's new addition, the massive AT-AT Walker. Well recently there's been more pictures circulating around the internet and we want to share them with you.

For more details on this toy, check out this post.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot Toys 1:6 Sarah Connor

Hot Toys have been busy with their 2010 figures, and some of the most anticipated collectibles are coming from the Terminator 2 line. After the announcement of the T-800 we werent quite sure what was next in the new line. Well here comes the amazingly detailed and movie acurate 1:6 scaled Sarah Connor. No word yet on the release quarter or figure details, but when there're availible we will definitely keep you updated!

UPDATE: 2/20/10
During the week Hot Toys showed us a preview of their new release, a 1:6 scale Sarah Connor from the blockbuster hit Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I was actually pretty interested in this release, and excited to see another addition to the Terminator 2 line. The preview looked pretty crazy. Well with the new pictures out on Hot Toys website, its sad to say Im not that interested anymore. Dont get me wrong, master sculpter Yulli did an amazing job on the detail of the head sculpt. But the movie accuracy just falls short of perfect. Sure its a great figure for any Terminator fan's collection, I just wish they would have paid a little more attention to details. A couple things that bother me would be the color of the hair does not match that of the actress that portrayed Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton. For some reason the face looks a bit off to me, and unfortunately the head sculpt is just a deal breaker in my book. I dont know, maybe this figure will grow on me. Its just my opinion.

Obviously Hot Toys is miles ahead of Sideshow Collectibles in their figures, and even with my opinions on the HT Sarah Connor figure, it miles in comparison to Sideshow's. I dont think I even need stress which one to buy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hot Toys UP 7" vinyl Carl

Last year gave us Disney and Pixar's hilarious, feel-good family comedy UP. The film is about a man named Carl Fredicksen, a retired balloon salesman, who is ready for his last chance at high-flying excitement. Tying thousands of balloons to his house, Carl sets off to the lost world of his childhood dreams. Without knowing, Russell, an overeager 8-year old Wildnerness Explorer who has never gone out of his backyard, is in the wrong place at the wrong time...Carl's front porch. The world's most unlikely duo reach new heights and meets fantastic friends like Dug, a dog with a special collar that allows him to speak, and Kevin, the rare 13-foot tall flightless bird. Stuck together in the wilds of the jungle, Carl realizes that sometimes life's biggest adventures aren't the ones you set out for.
It's a wonderful film full of jokes for both the little ones and the older ones. Drea and I really enjoyed the movie and to our excitement our favorite high-end collectible company has actually manufactured vinyl figures from the movie. I think our favorite is Carl. This vinyl collectible captures the 78 year-old man in approximately 7 inches tall in detailed sculpture to the animation. The figure comes with a colored background featuring movie scene and the flying house from the movie. It doesnt really come with any special features, except it allows some shoulder movement and comes with his cane complete with tennis balls. We love it, and will definitely purchase it as soon as we have some spending money.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sneak Peak: Hasbro's new Star Wars AT-AT Walker

Hasbro announced recently that it would be adding a new addition to their much popular "Legacy Collection". Hasbro owns merchandising rights for Star Wars toys and collectibles, and the newest piece is the behemoth war machine from The Empire Strikes Back called the AT-AT(All-Terrain Armored Transport) Walker. Theres been some renditions of this peticular vehicle in the past by brands such as Kenner but none have come so close to such detail and scale as Hasbro's 2010 model. This toy is colossal measuring at more than 2 feet tall, nearly 28 inches long, and 12 inches wide. It features many different accessories including a zip-line in its body, LED lights and authentic movie sounds and phrases, 3 3/4 inch AT-AT driver action figure and a pop-out speeder bike. It will be available mid-summer 2010 and carries a price tag of about $100.

Before its end a couple years ago, Master Replicas designed a collectors edition AT-AT Walker. This piece was amazing and actually came with its own plexiglass case and figure stand. The only problem is that it boasts a nearly quadruple digit price tag. Hasbro's new addition will only set you back a fraction of that.

The original Kenner AT-AT Walker from the 1980s.

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