Sunday, February 28, 2010

Custom Display Case

Ive been collecting since I was 9 years old, starting with Star Wars collectibles and moving on to Batman and Terminator. I took a break for most of my teen years, sadly to say because I was embaressed because "it wasnt cool." Most of my Star Wars toys were hidden away never to see the light of day. Well about 2 years ago, I finally stopped caring what others think and started displaying all my collectibles again. Now my collection has almost tripled in size, and Im starting to run out of room to display it all. So I figured its about time to get a case to fit 10 years of collecting into.
Im not a millionaire, so I couldnt just go out and buy a $1000 curio cabinet, and I couldnt spend the bucks to have one professionally made. So I had to think of a way. Well theres been a 6 foot tall oak entertainment center that has been housing my television for the last 5 years. After some measurements and blueprinting I realized I could use it for the case. For the past couple days Ive been fabricating pieces for the case and painting it with help from Drea and a friend named Sean. I turned the case on its side for more room, and added a couple of new shelves. I also fabricated some light fictures to illuminate to compartments of the cabinet. I should be done with it in the next couple days, and Ill definitely share some pictures with everyone of the finished case. Here are some pictures of the fabrication process. Click on the picture to see it in full view.

This is the entertainment center on its side, before anything was done.

A model car collector friend of mine, Sean, helping me screw in the shelves. It was tough, because we had to make sure every shelf was level so nothing would roll or fall off.

Back views of the cabinet, and my custom fabricated light fixture.

Display cabinet with fabrication completed, and on to painting.

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LEon said...

Now this is what I will call passion. Await to see the complete display with toys in it.

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