Monday, March 1, 2010

One's Customs 1:6 Scale Halloween 2 "Hobo" Michael Myers

Are you a fan of horror? A fan of Mcfarlane or NECA toys. Well Ill do ya one better.
Recently I was skimming around on HorrorBid and found a guy by the name of Montwain Gonzales, of One's Customs. He's one of the most talented figures sculpters of our time, and definitely takes one for the U.S. His work is phenominal, and Ive never seen such great craftsmenship in a figure since the work of Yulli Hotto of Korea. He customizes his own figures, all icons of horror fame, and specializes in 7", 12" and has worked with some 3 3/4" and 18" figures. His work is the best out there right now, and I dont see NECA or McFarlane even coming close to his detail. He has no website as of now, but you can visit him on his YouTube page or write him an email at

With all that being said, we have to talk about one my favorite pieces of his line. Now Im not much of a Halloween franchise fan, but I have to say this figure is amazing. To my knowledge there are a couple of companies that manufacture 12" Michael Myers but all are short in comparison to One's Customs. The figure's head sculpt is so realistic and the painting is superb. The overall aging of the figure is perfect and looks like Myers himself. I dont really know if this is availible yet or if it will be at all, but if it does I strongly urge any Halloween fan to contact Mo as soon as possible.

Tyler Mane as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's 2009 Halloween 2

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