Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot Toys 1:6 Sarah Connor

Hot Toys have been busy with their 2010 figures, and some of the most anticipated collectibles are coming from the Terminator 2 line. After the announcement of the T-800 we werent quite sure what was next in the new line. Well here comes the amazingly detailed and movie acurate 1:6 scaled Sarah Connor. No word yet on the release quarter or figure details, but when there're availible we will definitely keep you updated!

UPDATE: 2/20/10
During the week Hot Toys showed us a preview of their new release, a 1:6 scale Sarah Connor from the blockbuster hit Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I was actually pretty interested in this release, and excited to see another addition to the Terminator 2 line. The preview looked pretty crazy. Well with the new pictures out on Hot Toys website, its sad to say Im not that interested anymore. Dont get me wrong, master sculpter Yulli did an amazing job on the detail of the head sculpt. But the movie accuracy just falls short of perfect. Sure its a great figure for any Terminator fan's collection, I just wish they would have paid a little more attention to details. A couple things that bother me would be the color of the hair does not match that of the actress that portrayed Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton. For some reason the face looks a bit off to me, and unfortunately the head sculpt is just a deal breaker in my book. I dont know, maybe this figure will grow on me. Its just my opinion.

Obviously Hot Toys is miles ahead of Sideshow Collectibles in their figures, and even with my opinions on the HT Sarah Connor figure, it miles in comparison to Sideshow's. I dont think I even need stress which one to buy.

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