Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Custom 1:6 Figure

For months Ive had spare head sculpts from my numerous Hot Toys 1:6 TDK figures and have been wondering what to do with them. Ive seen so many custom Bruce Wayne figures and Ive wanted to do it for so long. So right now, being in between purchases, I figured I'd spend a little spare money on a custom figure. Now its no secret that Im a Hot Toys collector. Most figures set me back around $150 with the exception of some deals here and there. The cool thing about custom figures is that as long as you have the head sculpt, a custom figure will usually only cost about half of that. The first thing that is needed is a truetype body, and second is an outfit of your choosing.
First I had to figure out what I wanted. I wondered around Ebay awhile till I found a Hot Toys Truetype figure for a reasonable price. I was unsure what to get because there are several different types availible. I thought I was sure what to get so I ordered a Slim version figure. The reasoning behind this was I had ordered a suit for the figure and wanted the narrow shoulders to make the suit look slimmer rather than being bulky. Upon arrival of the figure, I attempted to put the Bruce Wayne headsculpt and neck joint from the Hot Toys 1:6 Batman(TDK Version) onto the truetype figure. In doing so I realized that the neck joint was not going to fit because the Slim version truetype is too compact. So this poses a problem. What to do? Well I tried switching out the Bruce Wayne neck joint with the truetype but the skin tone did not match. My only solution, other than buying a completely new truetype or neck joint, is to just grind down the corners at the bottom of the neck joint to help it fit into the whole of the neck. Ill post pictures when I finish it. I guess the lesson to be learned here is to research what Im buying, and make sure I know what to use. Ill have pictures up of my new custom 1:6 Bruce Wayne as soon as I recieve the suit. My next custom might just have two faces. ;]

This is the opening and socket where the neck joint goes.

On the left is the neck joint for the Bruce Wayne headsulpt, and on the right is the neck joint that came with the Slim Version Truetype. As you can see the truetype neck joint has ground out edges to help fit the compact space in the truetype body. To help the Bruce Wayne headsculpt fit, Im going to have to do the same to its neck joint.

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