Monday, March 8, 2010

Iron Man 2: Anticipated by Collectors Everywhere

With the phenominal success of Iron Man, the world had to expect that there would be a sequel. To much of our content, Iron Man 2 premieres in May and we couldnt be more excited. Of course, with such a successful movie comes merchandising. Obviously our most anticipated movie collectibles will be coming from our favorite company, Hot Toys. The Hong Kong 1:6 scale masters have already picked up the merchandising rights to this Spring's blockbuster and we can only suspect they are hard at work crafting and sculpting some superb figures right at this moment. We cant wait for the movie to come out, and definitely will have you all updated on any Hot Toys Iron Man 2 news.
UPDATE 3-11-10:
Hot Toys has just released this teaser of their first addition to their Iron Man 2 line...

One of my most anticipated figure releases from Iron Man 2 is Mickey Rourke's rendition of Ivan Vanko a.k.a. Whiplash. A lot of people give Rourke crap, but honestly I think he's a pretty amazing actor. He did an amazing job in "Sin City" and "Once Upon A Time In Mexico", and I look forward to seeing his portrayal of Iron Man's antagonist. His character will make an exceptional figure for Hot Toys.

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