Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hot Toys 1:6-Terminator Salvation-John Connor(Final Battle Version)

Straight off its December 2009 release comes Hot Toys 1:6th scale John Connor(Final Battle Version) from the hit blockbuster "Terminator Salvation".
This highly detailed figure stands approximately 30cm tall, and boasts Hot Toys signature True-type body with over 36 points of articulation. The John Connor figure features a high quality head sculpture by Hot Toys sculpter Kojun, and perfect painting by Hot Toys master craftsman JC Hong. The headscult highlights movie acurate battle damage, such as the cuts Connor recieved from the T-800 in the final scene of the movie, and authentic Christian Bale likeness. The John Connor includes a full movie-accurate Resistance uniform featuring field jacket, pants, t-shirt, tactical belt, tactical vest, backpack, boots, and red armband. Accessories include headset with radio and pouch, several different weapon pads/holsters, and 4 sets of different hands with tastical gloves. The John Connor figure comes with 3 different including HK416 with tactical red dot sight and scope, M203 grenade launcher with elastic sling, and pistol. The Final Battle version also includes two new features-a dismanteled T-600 endoskeleton figure base(stand) and a 1:6th scale fully articulated Hydrobot with light up function.
So what's my opinion? This figure is exceptional! Ive been collecting Hot Toys 1:6th scale figures for about a year now and I can honestly say, Ive never been this impressed with any other figure. The painting and sulpture of the head is fantastic, from the realistic skin texture, facial hair and stuble, all the way down to wounds and dirt on his face. I couldnt believe all the pieces that were included upon opening the box, it was such a spectacle! Hot Toys payed special attention to detial on every piece included. I only have one complaint I could think of: Hot Toys always seems to have a lack of proper instructions to their figures. For that reason, it is very difficult to assemble all the accessories to the figures. However, this issue can be solved with a simple search on the internet.
One of the most amazing features about this figure is something thats been newly introduced with the Terminator Salvation Hot Toys line. The figure includes a highly themed base/stand that features a dismanteled T-600 endoskeleton and several belts of bullet casings. You can not measure the sheer size of this base just by looking at pictures. The base measures in at a huge 8" wide and 6" deep, coming up only 4" short of the figure's size itself. Thats 2/3rd's of the figure! The sculpter of the base is truly amazing and compliments John Connor perfectly. Another amazing feature is that along with all the other accessories included the Final Battle Version comes with a highly detailed, fully articulated Hydrobot endoskeleton. The Hydrobot measures 14 1/2" in length, and showcases tiny red LED lights for the eyes. An amazing piece included to an already amazing figure.
Its a truly fantastic figure and a steal for the price. Its a must-have for any Terminator fan, and you honestly can not get anything superior. We rate this figure at a solid 5 Stars; superior detail, surplus of accessories, unbelievable price.


The Rebel said...

Cool Jon! Trust you managed to find this at a decent price bro!

Wicket® Toy & Collectible Photography said...

You know it! Scored one for under USD $150. =]

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