Monday, March 8, 2010

My First Custom 1:6 Figure-Update

In a post a couple weeks ago I told you all that I was working on a custom figure. Well after much patience my 1:6 scale full suit finally arrived straight from Hong Kong, and my figure is now complete. So now I present my first one sixth scale custom figure...Mr. Bruce Wayne.

Custom Hot Toys 1:6 Bruce Wayne

The suit was provided by a Hong Kong company called Minibarbie Boutique. Now dont be fooled by the name, they offer tons of high-quality 1:6 outfits and some pretty exceptional suits. The set included a pair of black socks, leather belt, a pair of leather shoes with real laces, tie, white buttom-up collared shirt, black with white pin-striped slacks, and a black with white pin-striped blazer. I used a Hot Toys Caucasian Slim Version TrueType figure and the Bruce Wayne headsculpt that came with my Hot Toys MMS 1:6 Batman(TDK Version). I have to say I think this is one my favorite pieces of my collection right now. He looks so sharp and intimidating in his suit. Definitely a must for any Batman fan.

The Hot Toys MMS 1:6 Bruce Wayne headsulpt.

I have Bruce Wayne holding a Batarang from my Batman figure.

The suit is actually manufactured by Minibarbie Boutique, and the detail and realism is exceptional. The laces are actually real and lace up.

Click here to read the last post on my custom figure.


LEon said...

Nice figure! Not to mention I like your new blog template!

Wicket® Toy & Collectible Photography said...

Thanks! Good to see someone noticed it! XD

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

Very NICE Jon >_< Great custom figure!

parrow1978 said...

Damn, nice job brother! That suit and shoes are nice. Great Job

Wicket® Toy & Collectible Photography said...

Thank you all very much. And thanks parrow1978 for following our blog, we really appreciate it. =]

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