Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our New Additions for 2010

Both Drea and I's birthdays are right after Christmas, so what do you think that means? More toys! I think if there was a rehab for toy obssesion...we would definitely need it. XD

Both of us are huge Star Wars fans, and Drea already has her 12" Sideshow collection started. So of course what would I get her for her birthday? I looked around on Amazon and found a rediculous deal on a Sideshow Collectibles 12" Luke Skywalker Besbin version. We'll have a review done for it up very soon.

Another new figure coming to our collection is one that I am very excited about arriving. I've pretty much finished my Hot Toys The Dark Knight collection, so now Im shifting my focus to the Terminator Salvation line. Lately Ive become a fan of the Terminator movies, and I love the T-600s in the movie, so I just had to start with Hot Toys 1:6 Scale T-600. It's on its way to us right now, and Ill definitely have some shots on our flickr as soon as I get it.

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