Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hot Toys 1:6 Inglourios Basterds-Lt. Aldo Raine

During the week we showed you a teaser of Hot Toys latest addition, a 1:6 scale Lt. Aldo Raine from the movie Inglourios Basterds. Hot Toys has now released the product photos for the figure, and we're ecstatic!
This thing is crazy, probably one of the best head sculpts Hot Toys has released yet. They're definitely on there game and 2010 looks very promising for toy collectors. The head was sculpted with authentic likeness to Brad Pitt by Kojun and painted by JC. Hong. The figure specially features movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles and skin texture, real-like hair style and facial hair, TrueType body approximately 30cm tall with 34 points of articulation, three pairs of interchangeable hands (one pair of relaxed hands, one pair for holding gun and one pair for holding blade). Accessories include jacket with worn-out edges, sweater, scarf, trousers, hat, leather-like belt with gun holster and blade pouch, leather-like long boots and bag, flannelette-surfaced water bottle, rifle, machine gun and pistol, large and small blade, and figure stand with movie logo and Lt. Aldo Raine nameplate. Release date is Q2 2010, and I dont think it can come fast enough.

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