Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Terminator Salvation T-600

After working maticulously for over half a year on completing my Hot Toys The Dark Knight collection I needed to shift my focus to something new. Lately Ive become quite a fan of the Terminator series, especially "Terminator Salvation", so I chose to start with Hot Toys 1:6 scale T-600 Endoskeleton. Hot Toys has been working hard over the last 10 years to profect their techniques in toy making, and this figure is no exception. The Terminator Salvation line is one of their most advanced and sophisticated in design, with so many moving parts and details. The T-600 is essentially the real thing shrunk down to tiny 1:6 scale goodness.The figure features a very movie-accurate design, with working pistons/actuators and 25 points of articulation including completely articulated fingers. The eyes light up by a cell button battery located within the back of the endoskeleton. Accessories include a realistic rotating gatling gun a long magazine of bullets leading to a harnessed ammo pack. The figure also includes a movie scene featured figure base with a "T-600" nameplate. The T-600 is a massive figure, standing at at a huge 14"(35cm) tall. The figure is a giant compared to most 1:6 scaled figures, and requires adequate room for display. The painting is probably the most amazing thing about the T-600. Being that the figure is made mostly of plastic, the painting helps the figure take on a completely aged metallic look right down to the rust. There are only a couple negatives in my opinion. The buckles on the harnessed ammo pack are very difficult to latch. However this can be resolved by loosening the straps after receiving the figure. The other issue is that due to the many parts that make up the endoskeleton, it is known that some figures are missing pieces on arrival. If this happens to you, all you have to do is contact your seller and explain your situation. Purchase with quation, and make sure whoever you buy from is a trusted seller.I love this figure, and Im very happy with my first addition to my 1:6 terminator collection. This highly detailed endoskeleton is an exeptional piece of art and everything you would expect from Hot Toys. It does come with a pretty hefty price tag of about $150, but it's worth every penny.

Note: The Hot Toys 1:6 T-600 Endoskeleton does require some assembly, but don't worry it's easy.

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