Sunday, January 3, 2010

NECA AVP REQUIEM-Battle Damaged Predator

On New Years Eve Drea and I made our way over to "Things From Another World" located in Universal Studios' CityWalk. I had some Christmas cash to burn so I looked around for some things to buy.
For the last few months I've been focusing on 1:6 scale figures to add to my collection, and haven't quite payed much attention to the smaller figures. When looking around TFAW, I came across NECA's brand new Alien VS. Predator Unmasked Battle Damaged Predator. This figure is incredible! The detail is amazing, and for a 7" figure, the most Ive seen for this size. Every little detail is acurate, all the way down to the green Alien blood splattered on his body. The figure features an assortment of accessories, and comes in a pretty cool box as well. To be honest Im not a complete fan of the movie series, but just to show you how cool this figure is, I bought it. =]


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