Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nintendo - Super Mario 9" Vinyl Figures.

Nintendo in association with Global Holdings have released Nintendo Super Mario Super Size Figure Collection 9" Vinyl Figures. It consists of characters seen in the world famous Super Mario Bros. video games.

I, myself only have two of the three (Mario & Yoshi), with the exception of Luigi. The figures stand to be approximately 9 inches tall, but Yoshi is noticeably taller than Mario. Both figures have amazing paint jobs which shows great quality control. The colors on these figures are as accurate as can be, looking very bold and vibrant. Both have a matte finish, and avoids a high gloss look. The vinyl itself is very high quality, smooth and doesn't have that cheap feel. While these figures usually go for $15-$20, you will feel like you're holding an expensive collectible.

Yoshi is the taller one of the two. Again, very smooth, high quality vinyl and a great paint-job with his bright apple-green body, white belly and clunky orange-brown shoes. He includes neck, leg and shoulder articulation giving you the option of keeping him standing or sitting. Whatever fits best with your collection.
Nintendo definitely payed very close attention to detail with these figures. They got everything correct, including the cute little shell on his back. No matter how you pose him, you can definietly expect this figure to look great at every angle.

Mario is no less amazing than the others. Again, with amazing focus to detail, this figure does not disappoint. Unlike the Yoshi figure, his legs cannot be moved. Mario only features neck and shoulder articulation.
Nintendo did an amazing job on the contours of this figure, everything from the flips in his hair, the curves of his mustache and his adorable, classic belly.

The only con I would say these have would be the packaging. They come in a unprotected open box, making it very easy for these to have marks on them when buying them from the shelves. I had to go through every single figure when I first purchased Yoshi because they all had dirty fingerprint marks, stains, or scratches. Any vinyl figure collector knows how hard it is to clean them without ruining the finish. I had no problems with Mario that was ordered online. If you are planning on purchasing one of these online, beware that shipping might be a little harsh on your figure.

In general, these are amazing figures and the price is perfect. You will not find anything else of this quality, for such a low price. I suggest any Nintendo fan to grab these before they aren't available.

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