Sunday, January 9, 2011

Drea's Collection 2011

In late 2008, I discovered the Star Wars toy collecting community on a photo sharing website named I realized how big this community was and loved the face that toy collecting isn't only for children anymore. While I wasn't much involved when it started, I took advantage of the few Star Wars toys and figures I had aquired from my childhood and shared them with the rest of the toy collecting community. Christmas came along soon after and my parents had taken notice of my new found love for Star Wars collectibles. They bought me anything that bared the name "Star Wars" on it...from bobble heads, to 3-3/4 figures, novelty collectibles and more. Ever since then, I can't seem to go to any store without visiting the Star Wars isle.
2 months later, I met my wonderful boyfriend who loved the fact that I collected toys and collected as well. That's also what started this whole blog, was the love that we both shared for toys. So for 2 years now, collecting Star Wars toys has been a huge focus in life. While my collection may not be as large and/or impressive as other collectors in the toy community, I can say I'm proud of what my tiny collection has grown to in just only 2 years.

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