Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 5 Heatseakers for Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to make a list of what we think are the top 5 most sought after toys and collectibles for 2010. These are in no specific order...who could possible choose which is better among all these great picks?! There's still time to get your hands on these gifts for that special dork in your life. So get over to Ebay, get that wrapping paper, bows, scissors, and tape out...and take a look at our list. Enjoy.

#1 Hasbro 2010 AT-AT Walker - Its been over a decade since the last AT-AT collectible set had been released, and this year I think Hasbro thought it was time to revisit a classic. Straight from Star Wars EP. V: The Empire Strikes Back, comes the mammoth AT-AT Walker playset. This massive collectible will bring the hugest smile to your loved one's face on Christmas morning.

#2 NECA 7" Predators Figures - Its been years since the last Predator movie release. This year Robert Rodriguez brought us "Predators", a fresh new take on the Predator franchise. The movie showed us a whole new world, with new beasts, more violent and ferocious then ever before. As you would expect, many toy companies showed us their renditions of these savage beasts. The best would definitely be from Hot Toys, but not everyone can empty their wallet for such figures. Not to be outdone, NECA offers 7" figures of these monsters. With exquisite detail and multiple possibility, perfect gifts for any Predator fan.

#3 Hasbro Force FX Lightsaber Replicas - This year get the ultimate gift for a Star Wars fan. For the past several years Hasbro has been producing the most realistic and movie accurate lightsaber replicas from all 6 of the Star Wars movies. They are the BEST 1:1 lightsaber replicas available on the market, making them in our opinion the best gift for a Star Wars fan's Christmas.

#4 Hot Toys T2 1:6th T-1000 - This year, Hot Toys has released plenty of new additions to their 1:6th scaled Movie Masterpiece Series, but the standouts seem to come from their Terminator 2: Judgement Day collection. Our favorite of these has to be the T-1000. This figure completely surpasses any of T2 collectibles before it, and in our opinion is the best Hot Toys figure of the year.

#5 Hasbro Boba Fett Helmet Replica - This year, Hasbro has introduced an amazing new item in their seemlessly endless collection of Star Wars toys. The Boba Fett 1:1 helmet replica is a perfect adddition to any Star Wars fan's collection. Although not as detailed as other 1:1 replicas, its a great purchase without breaking the bank.

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