Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some toys that'll really disturb your Christmas.

Years ago, McFarlane Toys released some of the most twisted Christmas-themed toys to ever hit the store shelves. There was only one name to call this toy line, "Twisted Christmas".For those of you that dont know, McFarlane Toys is a company started by Todd McFarlane that makes highly detailed scaled figures from movies, comics, musicians, video games, and sport figures. Exquisite attention to detail set McFarlane Toys apart from the rest. However, the detail always sacrificed articulation, making them more of semi-poseable statues than action figures. Still, it is arguably the most commercially successful toy line, and its influenced many other toy lines to try and imitate McFarlane Toys' style.
This line is no exception. Exeptional detail, down to every piece, giving you knot in your stomache as you fix your sights on these demented renditions of some Christmas' most loved characters. If you can get your hands on any of these, they would be a perfect Christmas decoration.

Santa Clause - Stands 5½ inches at top of hat, articulated at shoulders, elbows and ankles. Includes removable hat and mask, revealing skull beneath. Custom base 3¼ inches wide, 2¾ inches deep.

Santa's Little Helpers - Three elves stand on 6¾ inch by 4¾ –inch custom base. Left elf: 3 7/8 inches tall, articulated at neck, biceps and waist; includes two bladed weapons. Center elf: stands 3¼ inches tall, articulated at neck, right shoulder, elbows and waist. Includes removable dagger on waist and bladed weapon, which stands 5½ inches at highest point. Right elf: Measures 3 inches tall at top of hunchback. Articulated at neck, shoulders and waist. Includes removable dagger and large bladed weapon, which measures 6 inches at highest point.

Jack Frost - Jack Frost stands 6 inches at top of head, top of branches reach 9 inches. Articulated at biceps, wrists, left knee and right thigh. Frozen cityscape base is 4 inches wide, 3¼ inches deep.

Mrs. Clause - Stands 6½ inches tall, articulated at biceps, wrists and knees. Candy cane measures 8¾ inches tall; inverted elf’s toes measure 9¾ inches high. Custom base is 4 inches wide, 2½ inches deep, and includes North Pole sign and boxed elf.

Reindeer Rudy - Stands 5 ¼ inches at head; highest point of antlers is 7½ inches. Articulated at shoulders, wrists and hips. Includes bladed weapon and 3¾ inch by 2 ¼ inch custom base. Width of figure standing on base is 7 inches.

Snowman - Oddly, there is no information for him. It stands 6" in height.

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