Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot Toys - LTD Edition Batman Begins figures sell for US $1000+

No, you didnt read that wrong. Hot toys recent celebration of 10 years of excellency in 1/6th scaled collectibles revealed 4 very limited edition store exclusive figures. 2 of which comes in a set. The figures are of the demon variant of Batman and Dr. Jonathon Crane(Scarecrow) from Batman Begins. The figures come in a set and are only available in China. So due to the extreme difficulty of buying these figures, they are nearly impossible to obtain in the United States. So after looking to Ebay, the only result to come up is from a seller in Hong Kong who has listed these special figures at US $1,099.00. As a huge Batman fan and Hot Toys collector, this sight puts a lump in my throat. I think all of us were hoping there would be some way to obtain these figures but I think I can speak for all of us when I say, this is just too much. A sad sight, to say the least. Hopefully they'll release a Scarecrow 1/6th scale figure in the future, because this is actually the only figure in existance. Time will tell.

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