Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drea's Christmas.

This Christmas, I got a few new goodies. The best of them all had to have been the Hasbro Force FX Ep. VI Luke Skywalker Lightsaber, the choice of weapon of the Jedi Master himself in "Return of the Jedi"!
The lightsaber has four motion-censored sound effects; the power-up, idle hum, clash and power-down...all digitally recorded directly from the Star Wars film itself. The light effects of the Force FX lightsabers are really what set these apart from any other Star Wars collectible. With their realistic light up effects, your experience will be even closer to a realistic feel. With a sturdy metal hilt that not only looks real, but feels real. You'll enjoy this collectible whether you leave it up for show, or swing it around like a true Star Wars nerd. Included is a sleek black display stand baring the Star Wars emblem and clear holders. The stand is a great way to add that professional look to display your Jedi Master's weapon.

-Bright, vibrant blade.
-Realistic hilt
-Good weight. Not heavy, but not light at all.
-Loud, high-quality sounds.
-Movie accurate.


I noticed it has a wobbly blade. After inspecting the issue, I came to the realization that the unstableness helps the lightsaber recognize motion for its sound effects.

I rate it a 5 Star - It's not only aesthetically appealing, but the realistic aspect of it will make you happy in every way. I highly recommend this collectiblefor any adult Star Wars collector!

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