Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things From Another World: Revisited

Things From Another World was founded in 1980, when a man named Mike Richardson opened the first store in Bend, Oregon. The store was originally founded under the name “Pegasus Books”, but by the early ‘90s had adopted the name known in present day. Over the last 30 years Things From Another World have grown and expanded, opening stores in Milwaukie, Portland, and Beaverton, Oregon, as well as the Universal Studios Citywalk location in Los Angeles, California which is where our story begins.

Located in the heart of Universal City, right next to Universal Studios Hollywood, lies a little collectible shop by the name Things From Another World. The store specializes in sci-fi toys and collectibles, movie memorabilia, and pop-culture merchandise as well as an extensive selection of comics to choose from. The store can be easily spotted by anyone passing by, as it boasts a gigantic UFO spaceship crashed right into the side of it. An aesthetic that is all too perfect for such an establishment.

As you near the store, you’re instantly greeted with the feeling of nostalgia, as the sight of the tons of comics and collectibles brings you back to your childhood. The bright lights and architecture give you a feeling of awe as you slowly walk through the doors into this haven. Upon entering you’re greeted by a friendly smiling staff ready to assist you in any help you may need. There’s so much to see it’s nearly impossible to leave, and you’ll find your wallet getting smaller. It’s a place for pure bliss for any fan of collectibles and comics and is a wonderful hidden treasure tucked in the Los Angeles hills. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, look them up. You’ll spend countless time in this great solitude and want to come back again very soon. We have.

For our first story on our favorite local collectible store, take a look at our last blog featuring TFAW. For hi-res quality pictures click here.

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