Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A look back in time: 2005 Hot Toys 1:6 T2 Battle Damaged Endoskeleton

Over the last 10 years, Hong Kong toy maker Hot Toys have been making leaps and bounds in the high-end collectible toy maket. They've produced 1:6 scaled figures of everything from The Godfather to Resident Evil. The collector culture has been in awe of this fine company for quite some time now, but I think most of us havent quite appreciated some of the older models that cant be purchased today. So let look back at one of my true favorites.
As most of you may know, just shy of the 20 year anniversary of "Terminator 2: Judgement Day", Hot Toys have been producing a line of figures for the movie. However these arent the first figures that we've seen from this lucrative company. In 2005 Hot Toys manufactured 4 separate figures for the 1984 blockbuster "The Terminator". Now Hot Toys did not have nearly the amount of skill and knowledge to come up with figures in 2005 as they do today, so for the most part the figures were flawed. The one figure I'd have to say caught my attention, would have to be their 1:6th scale Battle Damaged Endoskeleton. The figure was a very limited model, so much so that is not even featured on Hot Toys' webpage. The figure was originally intended as a Japanese exclusive and limited to 600 pieces only. Although manufactured in 2005 the figure's release date was set back all the way till early 1st quarter 2007. California based movie prop replica manufacturer company Sideshow Collectibles obtained a bulk amount of these figures and sold them from their website. The figures sold out rather quick, and now are impossible to obtain for under a price tag of at least $300. Some of the specs include: fully articulated endoskeleton body with over 52 points of articulation, a weathered paint finish, a movie themed display base complete with rubble and human skulls, battery powered light-up eyes, Vulcan M134, Laser Gun, and Plasma Rifle.
The figure was a titan for its time, and no other toy manufacturer could even come close to the attention of detail that Hot Toys had achieved. I believe that this figure was a huge turning point for this company and really set them apart from the rest of the world. If could go back and get in Hot Toys figure I missed in the last 10 year, this would be the one.

Stay tuned for my Hot Toys T-800 review coming soon!

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