Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Custom Figure Project - 1/6th Scale Scarecrow

Its been over a year since I last worked on a custom figure project. Last time I was able to bring a 1/6th Bruce Wayne figure together thanks to the Hot Toys Batman figure alternate headsclupt, a suit, Truetype body, and a little elbow-greese.

This time, rather than creating a figure that isnt marketedly available, Im replicating a figure that already exsists. As we've reported on the blog before; Hot Toys recently released 4 figures exclusively available only in stores in celebration of their 10th Anniversary. One of the figures comes in a set of two: the Batman Begins 1/6th Scale Demon Batman & Scarecrow Figure Set. Now for most, the Scarecrow figure has been very sought-after for many years. Collectors around the world have been kitbashing, and making 1/6th scale Scarecrow figures from scratch. Hot Toys did an amazing job on the figure, but to be honest it was a bit of an odd jesture to only offer the figure as "In-store" exclusive. Considering a huge chunk of Batman franchise contributers hails from the United States, making the figure a Japan exclusive was a bit rude. Hopefully Hot Toys is a little more gracious with future celebration releases.

Being available exclusively only to Japan, the value of the figure here in the United States skyrocketed. Topping out at an average of $300, we have to find an alternative. So my plan was to aquire the authentic pieces I needed such as the headsculpt and boots, and purchase the other pieces seperatly that are not made by Hot Toys. That way I could have the figure at nearly one third the actual price. So after bidding on Ebay I managed to get the essentials. Ill update later when I get the rest of the items I need and share my newly made figure with all you guys.

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