Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hot Toys news - PREDATORS!

Ok, I know Im late on this one but oh well. More news coming from Hot Toys; along with announcing their other movie licences for Clash of the Titans, Prince of Persia, Avatar, and Iron Man 2...HT tells us they have just aquired the movie licensing rights to Robert Rodriguez's upcoming film Predators.

"Expecting Robert Rodriguez’s Predators movie and the amazing Hot Toys’ collectible figures? Wonderful news for all Predators fans! Today, we are proud to announce the upcoming license on the collectible figures for the long-anticipated Predators movie. The film will be launched in July this year! Another great Movie Masterpiece of the year, don’t miss it! Stay tuned!"

-Hot Toys

Lately Ive been getting into the Predator movies and Ive actually thought about purchasing a figure from HT. The problem is...they go for almost US$300. So the fact that they're going to manufacture a new line of Predators brings joy to my heart. =]
We'll have you updated as soon as previews are realeased. Hopefully they dont take as long as they are for the 1:6 Iron Man 2 Whiplash figure. The teaser was released almost 2 weeks ago and we still have no photos of it. Damn Hot Toys and anticipation.

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