Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot Toys-Clash of the Titans Is Coming!

Hot Toys recently came out with this preview of their Perseus figure from Clash of the Titans. I would write more about it...but Im about to leave to go see the movie. X]

UPDATE 4-3-10
Clash of Titans was Epic. An amazing movie all around. I have to admit, I saw the 1981 original motion picture and read the original book as a child, so I knew for the most part what was going to happen in the movie. What I was not anticipating were some of the changes to the original story line. I loved it, the director really did a good job. The visuals were pretty stunning, and seeing it in RealD 3D was pretty crazy. In my opinion, this movie's visuals were grand enough that it would even look pretty breath taking in 2D as well.

The original "CLASH OF THE TITANS" from 1981

We actually have a picture of the original Kracken as a statue. =]

After seeing the movie and reviewing some pictures online, I noticed something about Hot Toys new Perseus preview big flaw. Unfortunately it seems HT didnt pay much attention to detail to Perseus' chest armor. If you look in the comparison pictures below, you can clearly see that the shape is all wrong. I know to some this may not seem like a big deal, but I look for complete realism and movie accuracy in my figures and thats just a deal breaker for me. Now, as we've seen from the original MMS Joker in the past, Hot Toys may have gotten this wrong due to poor referencing from the movie research. It could also be that its just the prototype is off. We can hope that since the movie has now been released that HT will fix this flaw in time for the figures release. So thats all for now, we will keep you updated!

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Thanks for good post...Love this movie..

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