Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Search for Sideshow

I recently came into some money and finally able to buy some new collectibles. I immediately ordered the Hot Toys 1:6 The Joker and the Hot Toys 1:6 Bank Robber Version The Joker. So I got them in mail this week and very happy with my purchases. Next, I promised Andrea I’d buy her the Sideshow Collectibles 12” Stormtrooper as an early Christmas present. So we decided to make a trip over to Things From Another World this weekend, instead of ordering online. When we arrived we looked around for a bit and found the figure. Unfortunately to our disappointment the figure’s price had skyrocketed from $90 to $120.
We were a little bummed out, but Drea looks up and notices a Sideshow Collectibles 12” Luke Skywalker Eps IV Version for $90. She lit up with excitement and asked “you sure you want to pay that?”. I smiled and said of “of course.”
So now we have 3 new additions to our family. She’s going to do a shoot with SC Luke sometime this week, so look forward to that. =]

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