Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hot Toys 1:6 Iron Man Mark III

It’s no doubt that Hong Kong toy maker, Hot Toys, has the best and most accurate movie replicas in the high end collectible market. They’ve shocked us all with superb realism, and amazing detail with all their collectibles. The 1:6 Iron Man Mark III figure is no different, as Hot Toys offers yet again another superior addition to their Movie Masterpiece series.
This figure is truly a sight and will make any true high end toy collector drool over, may they be an Iron Man fan or not. Hot Toys paid amazing attention to detail on this. With Mark I and Mark II figure already available to the market, Mark III had to exceed the rest. From the Tony Stark head sculpt, to the many moving and working parts, the all-around composition of this figure is incredible. One the finest contributions to this figure, are the three LED lights, located on his chest and in the palms of his hands. This feature is movie accurate, and completely functional. It’s a worthy addition to any toy collection. Whether you’re an Iron Man fan or not, this figure is a must have.

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