Monday, April 18, 2011

Possible Custom 1/6th Figure Projects

Its no secret that I(Jon) love to collect 1/6th scaled figures. Im a a true collector of Hot Toys figures with the occational 12" Neca or McFarlane figures. Something that I've recently taken an interest in is custom figures. I've worked on two since I've been a collector (Scarecrow and Bruce Wayne), and feel the need to do more. Both of the figures I've created used marketly-available headsculpts manufactured by Hot Toys. After joing some message boards, I've been exposed to so many custom figure possibilities. Many of the figures I've wanted to own don't exist on the market, but customizing and kitbashing make is possible.
So the following pictures are of three figures Im considering to make. I've done the research, it's now just a matter of costs and availablity. Hopefully I'll get at least one completed before the end of the year, but we'll just have to wait and see.

1) Inception's Dom Cobb

This is a figure that I thought of the minute I stepped out of the movie theatre. Inception was another of Christopher Nolan's masterpieces and it's a shame no manufacturer picked up the licensing rights to the movie. There are several nameless "generic" versions of Cobb figure out there, but for the sake of copyright laws, the likeness always falls short of Dicaprio's likeness. There is but one headsculpt marketly-available, but I feel like I must wait for something better. Time will tell if this figure will be a reality.

2) Batman Begins Henri Ducard/Ra's Al Ghul

The infamous missing piece, one of the most saught-after figures in the custom community, and the figure that for some reason or another Hot Toys completely ignored. Any collector of Nolan-Batman films would absolutely love to own this figure. It's puzzling how no manufacturer thought to produce a 1/6th scale figure of the man who trained the mighty Batman. The headsculpt is very rare to find, and most that you will find are unpainted. I'd have to say that this is the figure I would like to create the most, and plan on doing so as soon as I locate an adequate headsculpt.

3) District 9's Wikus Van De Merwe

The charismatic leading role, the driving force behind the movie, the comedic relief to the dark soulful masterpiece that is District 9. Amazingly no one aquired the rights to this amazing movie, and therefor leave us empty handed of District 9 collectibles. In my opinion, I thought the movie was amazingly done. The overall real feel pulled me in and made me feel like I believed the story. So it's a huge shock to me that nobody thought to market anything from it. A 1/6th scale Wikus has been on my mind since 2009 when the movie premiered, and to my disappointment, the rarity of a headsculpt is shocking. Few artist's have attempted to scuplt one, and fewer have succeeded. Hopefully one day soon I'll find the perfect one, and I can make this dream become a reality.

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