Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Ultimate "Terminator" Collectible!

It's not a toy, it's not a figure --  it's the only existing prop from the original 1984 Terminator film! The two-foot-long prop from the T-800 Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be offered in a Beverly Hills, California auction by Heritage Auction Galleries.

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Heritage's Doug Norwine said:
"It's from the private collection of Shay Austin of Los Angeles who was an assistant art director on the movie, and she's kept it for over a quarter-century. No one was saving props for their future value as memorabilia in those days, and that's why original items from this classic film are so hard to find"
"After the explosion I ran up with the special effects crew to see what was left. We started picking up the pieces and I picked up the arm. In the year we shot, no one was thinking about keeping this stuff, but I tossed the arm into a box with some other leftover props, and then into my storage."
"Who knows, the entire fate of humankind could rest on the right bidder buying this piece and keeping it safe from those who would use it for nefarious ends."

The rare item is expected to go for AT LEAST $15,000.
Some lucky fan is going to have one item any collector would die for!

Click HERE to navigate to the official bidding page.

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