Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DC Direct 1:6 The Joker

From DC Direct, comes The Joker, designed from the character’s authentic The Dark Knight outfit. The figure features a 13 inch body, a little over 1:6 scale, with 28 points of articulation. The figure also includes accessories such as three individual knives, handgun, three sets of posed hands, and the clown mask of the opening robbery scene from the motion picture. Unfortunately, the figure is just not up to par compared to its other 1:6 counterparts. DC Direct offers an array of figures at this scale, but compared to other models made by companies like Hot Toys or Medicom, The Joker falls short.
In my opinion the figure just doesn’t offer what other companies’ 1:6 figures can. The detail is very crude, and way less than accurate, making it a very bad choice in the collectible world. List price is over seventy dollars, which is very overpriced. If you're true collector, save your money, and go for Hot Toys.

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