Friday, August 3, 2012

Batman Batcave Home Theatre can now be yours, thanks to EliteHTS!

Got a couple million dollars lying around just waiting to be spent? Always wanted to have your own Batcave complete with Batsuit, Tumbler and your own fully functioning movie theater? Thanks to Elite Home Theater Seating, you can now feel like billionaire Bruce Wayne sitting in your own Batcave for $2,000,000. The room includes an 180” film screen, 6 life sized Batsuits, winged gargoyles, private cylindrical stainless steel elevator with a glowing bat symbol, a secret tunnel exit, bat computers, race-car inspired home theater chairs and even a William Shakespeare bust concealing a switch for elevators and a fingerprint scanner which allows access to the theater itself.

Not into the Nolan styled Batcave? EliteHTS also offers a classic styled Batcave.

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